Flygoal Corporate

Getting Started with Flygoal API

Welcome to FlyGoal Sports API Documentation.

Before you start using our API, please make sure a view things below :
1. You have API Key where you get from us.
2. Your IP / Domain that you use to request the Data

All API in Flygoal have unique path url on every end point url to pull the data. You can see our example below where you can replace <unique-api-path> with your end point destination.<unique-api-path>?x-api-key=<your-api-key>

For example, you want to request soccer livescore_today data where the <unique-api-path> path is :

You need to replace <unique-api-path> with soccer/livescore . So the complete endpoint url request is :<your-api-key>
The last thing you need to do is replace <your-api-key> with api key that you get from us.